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kittaro blog

we are defined by:

1 cell: "kittaro" in greek, is considered the tiniest structural part of living organisms. it consists of a systematically organised creative team of molecules, which continuously interact drastically.

2 owl: it's the symbol of knowledge and wisdom, which could be found on the back cover of our school books, soaking our developing cells in single mindedness. inevitably though, acquired knowledge of every possible content is being disputed daily, thus transforming the wise owl into an eagle owl (which in greek can be interpreted as an idiot-even though it is not).the choice lies in the individual.

3 blue: growing up in a country where blue sea and sky are being transmuted into undimmed light like nowhere else in the globe, the world gets a totally different visual hue, especially when perceived through the waters of one's blue eyes.

4 moon: unedited movie scripts, pain expressions have conquered its face. it awakens feelings in an unpressured way, stimulates thoughts in a place where creation is hatched so many breaths before. its inspiration devours everything greedily.

5 mist: a thin layer of fog which covers reality as well as our social surroundings like a fine, silk, translucent veil.

+ black: the deep rooted, brightly coloured dreams get an everlasting creative pattern that can cause vibrations especially when these dreams can be depicted in a black background. the existence of black is the reflection of the disposition of the psyche that represents an afterglow rather than a lapse.

the desideratum:

all the above in a harmonious co-existence.

the destination:

considering that most "whys" have already been answered, the quest focuses on one's inner thoughts.

the challenge:

can you cope?
you can cope...

kittaro blog

Απριλίου 30, 2020